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     Lichgate on High Road can be a bit of puzzle for both first-time visitors and those who frequent the space beneath the Great Oak.  During my time as curator I encountered endless questions about Laura and her former home.  When no one knowledgable about Lichgate's history is onsite, the stories are  left untold and to address that we are placing audio and visual content online here. 

     This content will grow significantly over time and we are always interested in gathering new stories about Lichgate.  If you have something you would like to contribute or suggestions of a topic to add, contact us at

Kiosk at Lichgate on High Road parking lotIntroduction          MP3         AAC (for older Apple devices)

Short, one minute introduction to the audio visual tour of Lichgate on High Road.

Walk With Me LogoSpirituality at Lichgate      For more insight regarding the spirituality of Lichgate visit our YouTube Channel and watch Daniel D'Amico's amazing video entitled, "Walk With Me".  Two versions of the video are available, a small format version for streaming and a higher format version as well.

Laura Jepsen, circa 1941Is Lichgate Haunted?          Part 1 1:41      Part 2 5:38

Part 1 relates the personal experiences of a curator at Lichgate and is a 1 1/2 minute audio file.   Part 2 will relate stories related from visitors and ghost-hunting groups.


Lichgate near Laura Jepsen's cottageAbout Laura's Lichgate         MP3        AAC

Learn more about this iconic structure that is the namesake for Laura's former home.  This is a 3 1/2 minute audio recording.


Love on the Fence at Lichgate on High RoadLaura & Love

One of the most frequently asked questions about Laura has to do with love.   We will explore various scenarios about love in Laura's life below.

Intro 1:07    Lost Love 1:29   Father Figure 1:44    Marion 3:53    Ascetic 3:32


Fairy Altar at Lichgate on High RoadFairies at Lichgate

Fairies at Lichgate have a long history.  Although many of their places at Lichgate are being neglected by the current caregivers, (the mailbox, wishing spot, globe etc.) the story remains.  Learn more about fairies at Lichgate at the following links:    Intro 2:25     Laura & Fairies 5:28


Kip, Laura Jepsen's pet bulldog, 1958Kip, Laura Jepsen's bulldog in the cottage, Lichgate on High RoadLaura's PetsJudy, Laura's pet bulldog

Laura's pets were the English bulldogs that kept her company for most of her life.  Her favorite was her first, Champion Fearnought Ace.  Learn more about Laura's Pets in the following audio presentation.  View a copy of Fearnought's Sire's stud card here and his parent's info here & a 1967 article about him hereKip & Laura's Pets 4:13


Lichgate Doghouse, couple posingLichgate Doghouse, Lichgate on High RoadKip's Doghouse

The unusual building lying between the labyrinth & cottage has a story all its own.        Doghouse 1:38



About the Lichgate & the Cottage

Sigel or Sol RuneRune OverlayDavenport Tablet Piece

Location of the Cottage

Why is the cottage located where it is? One possible explanation lies in a story of Vikings & Runes    Sol 4:43 


High Road, Tennessee Street Intersection August 1955Entrance to High Road, August 1955Looking downhill from High Road toward downtown, August 1955View to the Past

Pictures of the Intersection of High Rd & Tennessee St taken in August, 1955, about 6 months prior to Laura's purchase of Lichgate. 

The 1st picture is taken looking up High Rd, a dirt & gravel road then.  The 2nd is a view from the entrance of High Rd looking down toward FSU.  The 3rd picture shows the entrance of High Rd where the vehicle towing the boat is turning.                                                         

Lichgate Aerial View, 1941Lichgate Aerial View, 1954 Lichgate Aerial, 1983Lichgate Aerial View, 2015

The pictures above are aerial views of Lichgate and surrounding areas, 1941, 1954, 1983, 2015, the Lichgate Oak is circled in the 1st two pictures.  Thanks to a wonderful supporter of Lichgate, Sara Wander for these archive photos.       Past Views 1:44

Lichgate Oak at Lichgate on High Road

Membership Certificate, Lichgate OakThe Lichgate Oak

Member #264 of the Live Oak Society and the heart of Lichgate on High Road, this hundreds of years old oak was the reason Laura made this space her home.  The Oak 2:35


Lost Features

Stone Heart at Lichgate OakThe Stone Heart (lost)    Part 1 MP3    Part 1 AAC    Part 2 MP3    Part 2 AAC

This is the first in a series regarding the features lost through neglect at Lichgate.  Until recently the Stone Heart lay on the North face of the tree and served as both protection and a place to share stories.  Part 1 is three minutes long, Part 2 is two minutes long.  To view the messages left beneath the heart as mentioned in the audio, you can download them as a Word Doc or PDF.

Exterior of Laura's Mailbox

Interior of Laura's MailboxMarion's Fairy Home (lost)

Inside Laura's mailbox near the front door of the cottage once was a home for a fairy named Marion.  Despite pictures and children's attachment to this very special place, Nita Davis and others at Lichgate undertook specific efforts to destroy or remove features such as this.  Learn more about the Fairies at Lichgate.  Here is a short story written telling how Marion arrived,

     "My name is Marion and I was the first fairy Laura brought to Lichgate.  During a visit to England she found me and let me ride in her purse as we crossed the ocean.  I love traveling and sharing stories so Laura made a home for me in her mailbox.  There I sit and read all the letters she receives from friends around the world.  There are letters from England, Russia, and China, so many letters from so many places I have lost count.  There aren’t as many letters coming these days while Laura is traveling and I miss reading about all of her adventures and friends.  If you would like to leave me a note and tell me where you are from or draw me a picture that I can hang on my walls that would be great!  My friend Holly lives nearby in a lovely house under a tree.  If you haven’t visited her yet be sure to, she always loves company!"